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Did you know:

In 6 months time, the most common interview question could well be, “what did you do during lockdown?”

Why not break the mould and get involved with something amazing! Here at the Lockdown Hub we are committed to helping people across Cumbria to learn new skills, stay connected with friends, and have fun!

Check out our collection of cool resources below, you might even like some of them:

Henri’s Gaming Society

Stuck doing weekly quizzes?

Want to shake it up?

Check out Henri’s Gaming Society! It’s everything you need to spice up your zoom calls with mates.

From online Cards against Humanity, to virtual escape room ideas, you’ll find enough here to really keep you and your mates entertained.

Life Skills

Let’s be honest, how many of us really know how to change a tyre? Or write a CV?

If you’re wanting to learn some practical, everyday skills then check out this page! The page is jam packed full of exciting ideas for you to learn whilst at home.

You can learn new skills from the comfort of your own home, whilst looking good to future employers!

Lockdown Welfare

Check out our selection of welfare resources on our welfare page!

To check out our full range of mental health resources, check out our Lockdown Welfare page!

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The Lockdown Hub was created to help students of all ages to develop resilience. We provide students with a variety of resources to help them learn new skills, access welfare resources, stay connected with their friends, and ultimately get involved with cool, new projects!

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Our sponsor, Hello Future, have tons of great opportunities to support college students in getting to university. They can offer objective advice and support.

Check out https://www.hellofuture.ac.uk/!

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