Benefits of Lockdown on Learning

This is an interesting article from one set of students, looking at the long-term positives of the pandemic on learning! Give it a read:

A lot of focus has been placed on the negative effects of lockdown for students due to the loss of contact hours and therefore the drop they may face in their knowledge. This will be a large task that all teachers will have to face next year as there is no guarantee that every student will be at the same place in their learning anymore.  
However, not all of the situation is negative! There are a few benefits that we may see in students as they come out of lockdown.  
Firstly, the reduction in contact hours and the sporadic remote learning techniques teachers have had to put in place across the country has meant that students who may not have understood their best methods of learning before are finally beginning to realise their strongest methods. This is great for the future as it means that students who once struggled desperately to revise but couldn’t get the material to stick in their minds may have finally managed to push through those barriers and find a way to learn on their own.  

Secondly, remote learning has also meant that students are having to meet deadlines without any other form of structure such as a timetable or specific independent study times. This could mean that in the future we see a group of students who are far more organised with their time and perhaps are even able to balance study with extracurricular activities with more ease than before.  
Another benefit is that a lot of social media platforms have developed groups where students can go to receive support from peers across the country. For example, some groups on Facebook that have been set up by students themselves have been sharing revision techniques and even notes for specific subjects! There has also been a lot of support in these groups for students who are currently researching universities and writing their personal statements. This amount of support and the way students across the country have come together as a community is really beneficial as it means that any students who aren’t receiving enough support from staff are able to look for help elsewhere but it also means that people are able to stay social despite not being allowed to physically see anybody else in person.  
My final point to make here is that a lot of students have been able to develop techniques that are able to help push and self-motivate them. One popular technique that a lot of people are using in order to stay motivated with their studies is to constantly remind themselves of their goals and the steps it is going to take to reach those goals. For example, if an A level student is aspiring to go to university, on a day where they don’t feel like doing any work, they might remind themselves of the hard work it is going to take to get to university. This can work for people who are still unsure about their future too! If you don’t know what you want to do, then that is more reason to work hard in order to make sure as many doors are open to you as possible! This ability to self-motivate is crucial for further study and for the working world. 

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Jack, Charlotte and Cecilia,

Furness College Students

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