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Now, if you’ve never heard of Jackbox TV before then you’ve probably not been heavily into PC gaming (don’t worry, before all this I hadn’t heard of it either!).

Jackbox TV is a series of mini party packs of games that let you and your mates interact virtually. It works much like Kahoot, in the sense that everyone types jackbox.tv into their browser, and then enters their name/game code to join.

Unfortunately, you have to buy the party packs to have a shot, and at up to £20 they’re not exactly cheap! But you do get good value for money with lots of games (usually 4 per pack) to mess around with unlimited times.

My personal favourite is Party Pack 3!

Below is a YouTube video from Jackbox explaining what the party pack is:

Now, if this takes your fancy then signing up is easy! Just follow the link below to take you to the store. You may have to set up a Steam Account first (don’t worry it’s free) before you can install the game:


As always, let us know how you get on! We’d love to hear!

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