Learning in Lockdown

During Lockdown, learning online has been an extremely different experience to learning in college. Throughout Lockdown, continuing with education has been a challenge, however, it has been a powerful lesson in resilience and time management! With the addition of the Royal Holloway Psychology Competition, we have been able to keep busy, allowing us to learn the art of creating time and work schedules so that we wouldn’t be completing work the day its due at three in the morning. It has also been an interesting experience utilising online learning tools such as Microsoft Teams to keep up to date with A-Level work.  

This has also highlighted how important it is for our generation to understand the privilege of face to face education and the massive impact that the months of online learning will have causes, especially for children of lower socio-economic backgrounds, and it will be an important undertaking for us to ensure that we are able to provide more support for children like these in the future.  

Despite the obvious stresses that COVID-19 has caused in regard to college work, it has been and incredible learning experience for all of us involved. Being able to partake in the Royal Holloway Competition during lockdown has also been a great lesson in team work, and how working and collaborating with others can actually be a great help to keeping up more positive mental health for us all, as working with others shows you that there is support available, and it is possible to have interactions with others that at are not in your family or immediate support bubble throughout COVID-19 lockdown. The ability to create your own schedule has also been a divisive point of either lowering rates of anxiety because you can work at your own pace, or raising it due to the conditioned need to receive work and tuition from teachers face to face.  

Overall, I think the experience of lockdown and online learning has been extremely interesting,  and it will prove interesting in the future when my generation are required to complete independent study or work. 

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Charlotte, Cecilia, Jack

Furness College Students

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