Lockdown Adventures (a word from the Editor)

Lockdown has been tough on us all, let’s be honest.

To go from everyday life, in the swing of things, to seeing all your trips, plans and celebrations being cancelled one at a time; it’d be tough on anyone!

But surely we can’t let the lockdown win? Of course, I’m not advocating massive raves or beach parties, I’m on about those adventures you can undertake during lockdown!

Not your typical adventure, but is that necessarily such a bad thing?

For me, this was an adventure in itself. Putting together a website of this size, with this many resources takes time. And a lot of it! But it wasn’t the only thing I got up to. In my spare time I decided to take up a new hobby, blogging the local adventures I’ve undertaken.

That’s just one example of a mini-lockdown adventure.

You see, in my opinion the trick is to keep busy, whether that’s learning new skills or finally finishing your overdue coursework, getting fitter and achieving your goals, or discovering a massive online set of resources to stay in touch with friends.

  • Ever done an online escape room? Trapped in the web has been great fun to get involved with! (although check the difficulty before buying, we accidentally bought a rock-solid one!)

Now, like most young people during this lockdown will know, some days have been tough. There have literally been days where all the motivation in the world couldn’t help and I’d just feel useless. But what’s important, and certainly what helped me through the past few months is staying connected to both family and friends. Weekly phone calls suddenly became the highlight of the week!

Please use this website and the resources provided. Please get in touch and develop your own content. And please give us feedback! This has been created by students, for students (with some help from college tutors!). No one will grade you on what you do here, but keeping busy may just be the difference between a great week and a tough week.

Thanks for checking out the site, and I hope it’s helped in some small way!


Editor and creator of The Lockdown Hub

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