Murder Mystery

If there are any fans of Mid-summer Murders (or perhaps, something more modern, like Brooklyn 99), then this is one for you!

Poor Lord Heathcliff, murdered amidst red glitter!

A murder mystery pitches you against the other participants in a “whodunit” style game to catch the killer! (and no, it’s not always the butler)

Now, when we did this game, things did get a bit carried away. Sub-plots were made up, characters ended up divorced, in arguments and murdering each other, but the point is that it was great fun! We’re definitely looking to give this another shot.

The only limit is your imagination with this game! Want to make it more lifelike? Dressing up and acting the parts bring a whole new dimension beyond what the game should be.

The site we used to find ours was called the Spruce (link below). All the games we found are free, giving you weeks worth of entertainment! Check out our link below:

Let us know how you got on; did you catch the killer?

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