This game is a classic! If anyone has ever played Paranoia, it has a similar feel to that.

Players anonymously answer a question about one member of the group, and then all vote on which answer they like the best. Once that answer has been picked then the smug faces emerge as you see who’s answer you’ve really chosen! You win the game by having the most people pick your answers.

There are a number of different “styles” of games designed to amuse different audiences. The game itself is free, but expansion packs can be bought for a small additional fee.

The game is great fun and can spark hours of activity and interaction. It’s best played over Zoom (whilst we can’t do face-to-face meetings!).

This is a firm favourite our my mates, and we’ll often resort to this most evenings as a way of staying in touch. Download it here.

Let us know how you find it by dropping us a message!

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