The Royal Holloway Psychology Competition

Some students have spent lockdown being pretty active! Here is what 3 Furness College students have been involved with in their time off!

The Royal Holloway Psychology Competition is a competition hosted by the Royal Holloway University of London every year. It proposes a different question each year that teams of psychology students have to answer and present to a panel of judges at the University, but due to the current situations, we had to adapt. The rules of the competition are as followed: The teams must be made up of between 2 to 5 year 12 students. The Teams must produce a video and poster (with audio file) that answer this year’s competition question. The poster and video should complement one another. The video must be no longer than 3 minutes and what you do in it can be completely up to you as long as it answers the question of the year. This year it was “How can psychology help us to understand current events?”  

The main things the judges were looking for was communication and presentation skills, a clear understanding of psychology by demonstrating key concepts and theories, originality and creativity. Deadlines were issued, on these days curtain parts of our project had to be sent off for judging.  

Our Project: 

In our group we discussed our thoughts of what we should do our project on. Since COVID-19 is affecting our lives in many ways, we decided to do our project on “How can psychology help us understand the effects of lockdown on child development?”  This involves cognitive elements of psychology, which is a hard topic, but we were up for the challenge and because it’s tough, this means not many people would focus on cognition, making our project stand out.  We focused on ages from 0-3, 4-10 and 11-18 and used key concepts such as Bowlby’s theories and many more. We all thoroughly enjoyed doing this project as it allowed us to explore psychology further which will benefit us in our psychology work later on. In our team we had 3 members which was idea because we each took an age range and did some research on that specific group. After we gathered information, we took regular meetings and collaborated what we had found out. Sometimes it was hard to balance work for the competition and college work, but we stuck to it and were very proud of our final product, regardless if we got placed or not.  

Charlotte, Jack and Cecilia

Students at Furness College

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