Virtual Escape Rooms

Okay, so this probably isn’t the first thing you’d think of when thinking “things to do over Zoom” but hear us out!

These are a great way for those of you who enjoy a puzzle to really test yourselves!

Now, obviously it’s a lot better to be taking part in these in person, however online escape rooms do have their fun!

Here at the Lockdown Hub, we’ve been testing out various escape rooms from various sources to find out which one is the best. Our personal favourite?

They’ve got a wide range of escape rooms to choose from, which is ever growing! For £8 each, they work out at around £2 per person (we’d recommend 4 people for the best experience).

When taking part, what I’d recommend is that everybody gets sent the link, and each person works on the clues. As you find more difficult clues that require multiple bits of information then you can all show a different piece of info. Stay in touch with your team-mates and work together to escape!

Don’t worry if you’re a puzzle-novice, the escape rooms aren’t time limited like in real life (which is great because the space one took me and a friend 3 hours to escape!).

Check it out and let us know if we’ve made a good choice! As ever, if you have any feedback then get in touch.

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