Preparing for an Interview

We’ve all been there; waiting for that big interview, wondering what you can do to prepare. Some of us will even be in that situation right now!

Interviews are a scary process. They make us nervous to even hear the word. But why should they be? As Furness College tutor Claire Croskery points out below, interviews are designed for employers to see who would be a good fit in their company. Check out the below video for Claire’s tips on how to ace a competency-based interview:

See? Not all that scary!

Now, if you’re still unsure and a little nervous, check out the video below of one of Furness College’s careers advisers, Sam, and her tips on completing a successful interview.

Finally, if you’re still a bit nervous, or just want some written resources to read over, check out the below link. There you should find plenty of tips on interviews and how to overcome the nerves!

If you’ve found our tips interesting, or maybe there’s something we’re missing, let us know by getting in touch! We’d love to hear your feedback.

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