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Ever heard of the word procrastination? Of course you have! It’s what you’re doing right now instead of that 10 page essay due tomorrow.

Procrastination is the art of avoiding all meaningful, boring work in favour of those tasks that are more enjoyable. But whilst procrastination may seem enjoyable at the time, it can only add to the stress in the long run as assignments are overdue.

So we started looking at how young people can master their time management skills and really crack down on procrastination. We managed to find one article dedicated to different time management techniques:


Although it mentions “college freshmen”, the techniques involved are pretty universal across all ages (and over here in the UK too). The site covers a wide range of techniques to motivate yourself and others, which may be especially useful if you’re a boarding student!

Of course, if you’re a chronic procrastinator then you’ve already look at that link and gone “nah I’ll do it later, I just need to get my washing on”. It happens to the best of us! So, why not start off with the below YouTube video on how to break the cycle of procrastination:

For anyone who’s interested, the article attached to this video can be found here.

Finally, we found this video explaining one person’s key procrastination tips. Of course, we recognise everyone’s different, and different methods will work for different people, but check it out and you might find it useful:

If you’re procrastinating instead of working, then why not get in touch?

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