Budget Cooking Challenge

Fancy yourself the next Gordon Ramsey? Why not prove it with this budget cooking challenge?

(If you’re new to cooking, why not check out our simple cooking recipes here and here before taking on this challenge.)

What we want from you:

  • We wanna see you cook something amazing!
  • Show us your signature dish!
  • However, the total cost of all the ingredients has got to be less than £10.
  • Create a “Cooking Show” style video of you making the signature dish (maybe get a sibling to help!)
  • When you’re done, send us your video and enter our competition for a chance to win £20 in amazon vouchers!
  • The “best” dish (judged by our team on complexity and presentation) wins!
  • All entries must be made by the end of August! Get cooking people!

For hints and tips on how to edit using a video software, check out our short guide to using Splice!

If you’re a bit unsure on what we mean, check out Jamie Oliver’s Ragu Sauce recipe below. Now, obviously we’re not expecting anything totally professional, but give it a shot and see what you can create:

If you’re looking at this challenge going “pfft, easy!” then why not give it a shot and let us know how you get on! Remember, there’s £20 in amazon vouchers up for grabs here!

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