Pocket Camp

If you’ve not heard about the animal crossing hype by now then I’m not sure what to say! Animal crossing is just one of those games, everyone is bound to play it one time or another.

But whilst everyone has been focusing on the new £60 edition (New Horizons), we’ve been looking at the free alternative (Pocket Camp).

Pocket Camp is a great edition to the Animal Crossing collection that allows you to create your own virtual town from your phone! There’s no prior experience needed for this version, you can just download and play.

So, we decided to make things a little more competitive:

  • We wanna see the biggest town you can dream up!
  • Seriously, go wild!
  • We want to see just how many bells you can collect between now and the end of August!

To enter, get in touch and show us how cool your town is!

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