Scrap-Heap Challenge

We’ve all got old junk lying around our house, let’s be honest. I’m on about the spare wooden planks, the old drawer in the attic, the toy you’ve been meaning to car-boot since you were 12.

What we’re challenging you to do now is apply your creative skills and see what you can make!

We’re challenging you to:

  • Using the tools and materials easily available to you, create something amazing
  • Don’t use anything that will be missed (for obvious reasons!), only scrap!
  • Seek parental approval before using power tools etc. and only use under supervision
  • Build, craft and paint something amazing!
  • Try to spend as little as possible (preferably nothing)

Here’s one example from our team member, Liam:

The “Before” and “After” pics of Liam’s project

Liam took all the old, rotting wood he could find, cleaned it and cut off the rot, and used it to build this amazing, rustic log-store! Talk about a cool, little project!

Share with us your cool renovations to be in with the chance of winning a £50 amazon voucher! Entries must be in by the end of August!

Do you reckon you could beat this? Show us the “Before” and “After” photos of your project!

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