Supersize my Snack!

Snacks just seem to be getting smaller in today’s world. Suddenly, one Mars Bar just doesn’t cut it anymore, and the Curly Wurly seems to have shrunk since last time! Wouldn’t it be great to once again have a normal sized snack?

Well, we can do one better than that! With this challenge, we’ll be taking your snack from super small to supersized!

What you need to do:

  • Check out this website. There are tons of ideas on here to get you started. Ultimately, it’d be great if you could think of your own snacks and recipes to supersize, but these should give you a flying head start.
  • Pick your snack, you can either do something straightforward (like an After Eight Mint), or something a lot more complex (like a Lion Bar). Figure out your ingredients and get to work!
  • Supersize that snack!
  • Take a photo and send it to us!

We absolutely can’t wait to see what enormous creations you come up with!

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