Learning in Lockdown

During Lockdown, learning online has been an extremely different experience to learning in college. Throughout Lockdown, continuing with education has been a challenge, however, it has been a powerful lesson in resilience and time management! With the addition of the Royal Holloway Psychology Competition, we have been able to keep busy, allowing us to learnContinue reading “Learning in Lockdown”

The Royal Holloway Psychology Competition

Some students have spent lockdown being pretty active! Here is what 3 Furness College students have been involved with in their time off! The¬†Royal Holloway Psychology Competition is a competition hosted by the Royal Holloway University of London every year. It proposes a different question each year that teams of psychology students have to answer¬†andContinue reading “The Royal Holloway Psychology Competition”

Lockdown Adventures (a word from the Editor)

Lockdown has been tough on us all, let’s be honest. To go from everyday life, in the swing of things, to seeing all your trips, plans and celebrations being cancelled one at a time; it’d be tough on anyone! But surely we can’t let the lockdown win? Of course, I’m not advocating massive raves orContinue reading “Lockdown Adventures (a word from the Editor)”